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snowSitting at home on the snowiest day of this winter, I thought to share a bit about what goes into our decision to close the Norwich Bookstore when the roads are challenging.

We worry about the inconvenience of not keeping our posted hours and need to balance that with the safety of our booksellers. A few of us drive some distance to get to the store, backroads and highways both. We could do the drive in an emergency, but keeping the doors open on a day like today is not crucial. Being tough is not the same as being wise!

Store hours are adjusted only after much deliberation to ensure that our team members and customers are not endangered on slippery roads. 

We apologize for any inconvenience a delayed opening or early closing causes, but that seems to us a better, safer choice than a trip to the body shop or, worse, the hospital for any of us.

If you shop here on our website when we are closed for bad weather, we offer a "Snow Day" discount! ~ Liza