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A Bookseller's Blotter

Thoughts on reading choices.

As an example of the eclectic reading tastes of our booksellers, we feature two of Sara’s picks in the most recent newsletter: contemporary, thought-provoking poetry, How to Be an Indian in the 21st Century by Louis V. Clark III (Two Shoes), and a romp of a mystery, Closed Casket: A New Hercule Poirot Mystery by Sophie Hannah.

I have been reflecting on the power of the written word to educate and entertain, to help focus and to distract. Each author brings something distinct to the readers and each reader absorbs those words in a unique way.

Have you ever reread a book and discovered new things within the text? Or come away with a different interpretation of the story? What is going on in the outside world seems to inform what we notice. 

I am currently reading There Your Heart Lies by Mary Gordon, a novel about the Spanish Civil War and the factions that were struggling to be in control and I know I would have read it differently just a year ago. I am also reading The Goldfish Boy byt Lisa Thompson, a middle grade novel that touches on loss and OCD that challenges me to reexamine my understanding of that behavior.

The beauty of literature is that, while new books are published every day to broaden our horizons, the touchstones of our understanding remain. ~ Liza