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Find Waldo in Norwich!

find waldoOur annual Find Waldo search continues in July 2017! Waldo, of the Where's Waldo? books, is hiding in Norwich businesses and shops. We need you to find him and his friend Wenda! 




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Summer reading!

book & tea

Time to delve into that history book whose page count was intimidating in the fall? Or plow through that stack of novels that have been decorating the bedside table all year? Or perhaps it is time to explore a new topic, read a new genre, or discover an unknown author?

book & teaWhatever you choose, I encourage you to keep reading through this tumultuous time! As Barack Obama said in a New York Times interview about the fate of fiction last January: 

“We’re a storytelling species. I think that what one of the jobs of political leaders going forward is, is to tell a better story about what binds us together as a people. And America is unique in having to stitch together all these disparate elements — we’re not one race, we’re not one tribe, folks didn’t all arrive here at the same time. What holds us together is an idea, and it’s a story about who we are and what’s important to us.”

And last December, The Guardian ran an article about the role of reading in developing empathy:
“What literature does is incorporate the other in all its quirks and peculiarities into the social body. It allows for difference, and often even proclaims it to be genius. Fiction teaches us to think creatively about difference. It would be difficult for one to think up a more groundbreaking mode of understanding the mind and the heart. ”
So please join me in reading and talking and trying to understand.
 ~ Liza