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why i am meA Third Place...

In these polarized times, I have been challenged to see how I personally can change anything, have any effect on the world.

One of my publisher reps recently shared a quote from the late bookseller David Schwartz: "Bookselling was and is for me a cultural and political expression, an expression of progressive change, of challenge to oppressive authority, of a search for a community of values which can act as an underpinning of a better world. The true profit in bookselling is the social profit; the bottom line, the measure of the impact of the bookshop on the community."

This has great resonance for us at the Norwich Bookstore. As we contemplate the future of our country, we also consider the role our bookstore plays in shaping what the our community can become.

We encourage reading widely to learn about history and current events and strive to provide a variety of viewpoints to help us understand others. We can suggest books to rejuvenate the spirit when we feel despair. We offer a “third place” for people to gather and connect.

May peace and inclusiveness prevail in this time of turmoil. ~ Liza