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A Field Guide to Now: Notes on Mindfulness and Life in the Present Tense (Hardcover)

A Field Guide to Now: Notes on Mindfulness and Life in the Present Tense Cover Image
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Every self-help book tells us to "be present," but few succeed in showing us how. With this beautiful book, author and artist Christina Rosalie leads readers to discover how the small and seemingly mundane aspects of daily life can through a shift in fo.

Praise For…

“An ode to the pleasures and sweet bondage of motherhood, a gift basket of drawings, musings, definitions and advice from the grassy hillside of a New England farmhouse.  A labor of love, in love’s coat of many colors; an offering to the God of the search for a valuable life.”

– Pam Houston, author of Contents May Have Shifted and Cowboys Are My Weakness

“Christina Rosalie’s thoughtful book, A Field Guide to Now, is a personal and conversational guide to faith and timing.”  

– Sabrina Ward Harrison, author of Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself

“In A Field Guide to Now Christina Rosalie brings life into perfectly crisp focus by distilling it, with letters and paint, down to its most basic and beautiful elements. While falling in love with her world, you’ll remember what you love about your own life, and you’ll finish the book inspired to make the most of every moment.”

– Katherine Malmo, author of Who in This Room: The Realities of Cancer, Fish, and Demolition.

“No one talks about the moments in between,” and yet Christina Rosalie does. Reminiscent of Annie Dillard, Rosalie shows us how the unexpected details of daily life – a weasel destroying the hen house, a praying mantis climbing the pepper mill – allow us to understand that “the present tense is at once much bigger and messier and also smaller and more precise” than we can imagine. Interrupted sleep, fledgling dreams, clambering children, and several cups of coffee later, we learn, as she has, that, “It’s easy to look at what’s achievable in a day and come up short. But it’s just as easy to underestimate what you can accomplish in a year.” Beautifully written and illustrated, A Field Guide to Now is just that, a guide to living in the present – one I plan to carry with me and return to often.

– Laisha Rosnau, poet and author of Lousy Explorers, Notes on Leaving, and The Sudden Weight of Snow

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ISBN: 9780762778560
ISBN-10: 0762778563
Publisher: Skirt!
Publication Date: September 4th, 2012
Pages: 180
Language: English