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Nichole Hastings is a poet, photographer, and writer and is a consultant for artists, musicians, small businesses and non-profit organizations. She volunteers as the Appalachian Trail Monitor Coordinator for the Dartmouth Outing Club and a Corridor Monitor for the Green Mountain Club. Nichole recently published a book of poetry and photography titled A Remedy For Love.





ISBN: 9780062289575
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Published: Greenwillow Books - September 23rd, 2014

Wow! Inspiring, saucy, and in-your-face brutally honest. The composer, Christine Heppermann's, poems and photography are a fascinating juxtaposition of all those fairy tales young women grow up with and model teenage life. With poems titled "If Tampons Were For Guys", "A Shape Magazine Fairy Tale" and "Mannequins Make Me Feel Like A Failure" I picked up this book of poems and devoured all fifty voraciously reading them straight on through.  Then I went back and read them all again, twice more.

ISBN: 9781627790734
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Published: Metropolitan Books - May 13th, 2014

Transparency, Truth and Privacy. One day this book will be regarded as one of the great historically and politically significant accounts in the history of the world in this moment in time. The author Glenn Greenwald relates his experiences with the NSA and the U.S. Surveillance State from first contact with Edward Snowden to now. After hearing Greenwald speak in Cambridge MA at his Harvard book-signing on May 15, 2014 and then reading this book, two things struck me: One is that Greenwald is an amazing human being who lives each day truly understanding what a gift life is and pursues living life with that bliss. The second, after digesting the enormity of the betrayal the U.S. Government has done/is doing to you, me, our friends, neighbors, countrymen and fellow residents of planet Earth, I quote Kurtz from Heart of Darkness, "The horror! The horror!" This book, so aptly named No Place To Hide will make you re-think (if you haven't already) how and what you use the internet for, the companies you choose to create accounts with, and what privacy truly means to you. You may find yourself also thinking about how important transparency in our government's activities are, among those who we allow to "rule" over us (those seen and unseen), and the Truth of the U.S. relations and actions on a global scale. This book further clarifies and confirms the unspoken reasoning by the powers that be in the dismantling of the U.S. Postal Service which was originally created as a 'cornerstone of freedom' to protect the freedom of privacy of the American people from an oppressive and tyrannical government. I recommend this book to anyone with concerns about individual privacy, who wishes to know and understand the Truth of the NSA and the U.S. Surveillance State, and desires to be an active participant in deciding what kind of world we want to live in.

ISBN: 9781258536305
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Published: Literary Licensing, LLC - January 26th, 2013

This collection of five lectures delivered in December 1944 at the University of Michigan on the William W. Cook foundation would benefit anyone pursuing freedom, seeking consciousness, and desiring to truly understand responsibility. The lectures, titled The American Political Tradition, Freedom of Speech and Press, Freedom of Learning and Teaching, Constitutional Government, and Private Economic Enterprise are a fascinating history and analysis of what is 'right'. Published in 1945, Becker's words, presented in this small but powerful volume, seem as though they were written just yesterday.

ISBN: 9780802120878
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Published: Grove Press - March 12th, 2013

This truly revelatory memoir of Winterson's experiences and feelings as an adoptee in search of love and home spoke to me in a way no other book ever has. Being an adopted child myself, having grown up in the 80's and 90's in small town New Hampshire with a white family, there are so many things she shares that I identify with and understand. I laughed. I cried. I commiserated. I recommend this extraordinary tale of an amazing "self-invented" woman to anyone who is adopted, has adopted children or is wishing to do so.

ISBN: 9781400069934
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Spiegel & Grau - July 16th, 2013

Craft, luxury, and obssession. The author Meg Lukens Noonan takes you on an amazing journey deconstructing a a $50,000 coat backtracking the makers and material sources still involved in bespoke custom tailoring. You may be asking yourself, "Who would pay for such extravagance?" and "Why would anyone write a book about it?" The answer is simple, there are some people who desire and appreciate 'the best' when it comes to clothing. There was a time when people once valued investing in their wardrobes and the landscape of one's physical self. This was a time before the inundation and popularization of the "disposable society' which sounded the death knell of so many artisans and crafts person's skills and livelihoods. And a time when people took the time to repair, to care for, and appreciate handmade objects that they were spending their money on. This book addresses the marketing and advertising schemes that have sold so many on the idea that 'made by hand' or 'bespoke' means 'worth less'. The author, Noonan also speaks to the impacts of the entire clothing industry and their effects on the health of the natural world in which we exist in. Yes, this book is more than the story of an expensive coat, the man who made it, the man who bought and the woman who was amazed by it. This is the story of modern society's capitalist consumer-driven economic obsession for quantity over quantity and the changed global perspectives which were forever altered when we as a human race embraced the industrial revolution.

ISBN: 9780385535212
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Published: Doubleday Books - July 16th, 2013

Brilliant. David Rakoff presents readers with the “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. Much like the Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, he strips away the romanticism and lays bare the heart of American culture and society with surgical poetic precision.

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ISBN: 9781592407903
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Gotham Books - January 3rd, 2013

A surprising read for many reasons. That fact that this story would describe a modern day love story between a feminist and a cowboy was what piqued my interest. I began reading with a bit of skepticism not really expecting much from this read other than some hilarious anecdotes and quipping humor of how opposites attract. What I discovered was a well thought out intelligent psychological study of the social, cultural and biological differences of the male and female in America and gender roles. I found myself laughing out loud, cringing in shame, nodding in agreement with the author Valdes as she takes you on her journey of love and reaches destination happiness. I also found myself reminded of Aristotle's words, "The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal." I challenge those who describe themselves as 'feminists' or who are advocates of 'feminism' to read this book. I'm not saying one must agree with or take on the concepts that are presented by Valdes but I found myself thinking more critically about myself, my relationships, and my upbringing in American society

ISBN: 9780385349833
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Knopf Publishing Group - April 2nd, 2013

Timeless ideals are presented in this novel with the simplicity of a children's picture book without the pictures. The story begins with the premise of a manuscript found in a cave in Egypt. What follows begins to be less of a novel and more of a philosophic question and answer session between the characters, the Copt and the various people. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the format and the plain language used that makes this 'novel' an appealing and poignant read for anyone 12-years old and older.

ISBN: 9780385535656
Availability: Special Order
Published: Doubleday Books - October 30th, 2012

A hilarious and practical guide on how to recognize and deal with the unfortunately all too common 'Asshole'. We've all encountered them, felt our blood pressure rise and succumbed to dread at the very thought of that person and having to deal with their self-centered ridiculousness. The author, Aaron James addresses the variations one may encounter and offers two simple and straightforward solutions, understand their nature and ignore them. Yes, these may be easier said than done but as this book will show you, they can be done.

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ISBN: 9780307720450
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Crown Publishing Group (NY) - June 12th, 2012

A thought-provoking analysis of the current state of affairs in the United States and the elements that have created the country we live in today.  The author examines the U.S. government, its economy and society in terms of meritocracy.  Meritocracy is the concept of a hierarchical system in which those with the 'best' ability and talent are chosen to rise to the top based upon their intelligence and ability.  Mr. Hayes dissects the merits and flaws of its effect on the U.S. government, economy and society.  He discusses the natural evolution of democracy, recognizing that it is a process constantly in flux, to despotism and the role 'social distance' plays in the America's revolutions.  And how these revolutions subsequently led to the U.S.'s Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of King George and the Occupy movement's globalizing effect in other nations, which began with the Occupy Wall Street movement against the elites and corporations ruling America presently.

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ISBN: 9781603583923
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Chelsea Green Publishing Company - November 3rd, 2011

A thoughtfully composed presentation of community activism, of self empowerment, and of the manifestation of dreams. Ron Hopkins provides insight on positive change as an individual, as a member of one's local community, and as a citizen of planet Earth. He shares various initiatives motivated by people's desires to transform their communities for a sustainable society. This is about more than improving one's community, it is a guide for the revolution of an enlightened evolution of humanity.