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Osher at Dartmouth Course Books

We are happy to work with instructors and students to obtain books for Osher at Dartmouth courses and lectures. The list of books for Winter 17/18 courses is below.

The links (blue highlights) will bring you to the book pages for titles that are in print. Though our website may say 3-5 days, we can often get books faster! We may also be able to find books that are specalized texts or out of print though these requests take longer.

You may order via the website, or by email, or call 802-649-1114, or stop by the store - whichever is easiest for you!

Winter 17/18 Courses

instructor class title notes
Chandler, Anne Four Horsemen Four Horsemen opt, non returnable
Crewe, Jonathan South Africa Through the Lens of Fiction Story of an American Farm req, non-returnable
    Mhudi req, special order
    Cry the Beloved Country req
    Disgrace req
    Heart of Redness opt
    Coconut opt, special order
Crocker, Richard Writing a Spiritual Autobiography The Story of Your Life opt, out of print
Gallaway, Gigi Personal Energy - Everything You Need to Know Energy (What?!) opt, special order, non-returnable
Greenstein, Rosie (Re) Reading Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice opt
    Emma opt
    Persuasion opt
Kalm, Robert The Interactive Voice The Interactive Voice Kindle only
    On Writing Well req
    The Elements of Style opt
Kleinhardt, Werner Confucius and Mencius The Analects req
    Mencius req
Leggett-Kealey, Lana DNA & Genealogy Genetic Genealogy in Practice opt, special order, expensive, non-returnable
North, Geraldine Tales from Down Under Australian Literature req, special order
Schori, Alice Winter Botany A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs opt
    Fruit Key and Twig Key to Trees and Shrubs opt
    A Field Guide to Trees of the Northeast opt
Stablefor, Jon Thoreau: A Transcendental Journey The Portable Thoreau req
Tofel, Steve Black Bears: Vicious Brutes, Cuddly Teddys, or Neither Among the Bears req, students will get from instructor
Travis, Peter Icelandic Sagas Sagas of the Icelanders req
    The Prose Edda req
    Viking Ages Iceland req