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Osher@Dartmouth Course Books


We are happy to work with instructors and students to obtain books for Osher@Dartmouth courses and lectures. Below please find the list for the Spring 2017 books.

The links (blue highlights) will bring you to the book pages for titles that are in print. Though our website may say 3-5 days, we can often get books faster! We may also be able to find books that are specalized texts or out of print. Though these special orders take a bit longer to arrive, we will do research upon request.

You may order via the website, or by email, or call 802-649-1114, or stop by the store - whichever is easiest for you!

Spring 2017 Courses

Instructor Course Title Title - linked Notes
Adler, Jim American Contemporary Short Stories Best American Short Stories 2016 Req
    Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction Req
Egger, Toni CLASS CANCELLED Theater That Changed the World Angels in America Req
    Statements Req
    Fences Req
Heaney, Michael War May Not Be the Answer, But What Is? The Limits of Power Req
    War! What is it Good For? Req
Hoskin, Heidi Infant Narratives in the Bible The Bible Req, any version
Jas, Victoria Early Wildflowers of the Upper Valley Wildflowers of New England Req
Kashmeri, Sarwar U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities 2017 - 2019 The Great Convergence Req
Kennedy, Jim Into the Weeds: Exploring Natural Landscapes The Nature of New Hampshire Opt
    Wetland, Woodland, Wildland Opt
Kleinhardt, Werner Faith, Greed, Obsession, Power The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism Opt
Koester, Bob Exploring the Pacific Northwest A River Lost: The Life and Death of the Columbia Opt
Leggett-Kealey, Lana DNA and Genealogy Genetic Genealogy in Practice

Opt, special order only

Malley, Josette France Today France - Culture Smart! Req
Medlicott, Joe Remembrance of Things Past: Writing Memoirs Writing About Your LIfe Req
Norton, Patricia CLASS CANCELLED Proust as Jumper Cables Swann's Way Req, special order
Nothnagle, Suzanne Shakespeare Out Loud Winter's Tale Req, any edition
Randolph, John Promoting Brain and Cognitive Health Spark Req
    Positive Neuropsychology Opt, special order
Scherr, Barry Literature of the Gulag One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Req
    Journey Into the Whirlwind Req
    Kolyma Tales Req
Tierney, Phil The Eight Most Influential Stories Ever Told Holy Bible, Book of Genesis Req, any version
    Wrestling With Angels Opt, out of print, special order
    Genesis: The Book of Beginnings Opt
Willey, Mame How to Read a Poem America's Favorite Poems Req
Wilson, James Election Post-Mortem Hillbilly Elegy Opt (read any 1 of the 3 titles)
    Strangers in Their Own Land Opt (read any 1 of the 3 titles)
    White Trash Opt (read any 1 of the 3 titles)