Book Angels

Please help the Book Angels in their quest to share the love of reading! 

Book Angel wreathIn mid-November, the Book Angels will begin collect books to be given to children and young adults identified by several local social support agencies. The gifts must be delivered by mid December, so polish your halo and stop by soon...


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n sq at nightThursday, November 28 - Closed for Thanksgiving
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A Bookseller's Blotter

A current attention-grabbing trend in titles is to add expletives - often written as in the comics with *#$% symbols. While this might have been a good idea once or twice, it is now overdone.

I’m not against a well-timed curse - when I hammer my thumb or a bus cuts me off on the highway - but if every other word is an obscenity, they lose their punch and are annoying.

books w curse wordsAnd not just one category of books has jumped on this bandwagon. I can site examples of memoirs, parenting titles, current events, psychology, art, humor - Go the F**k to Sleep, Sh*t My Dad Says, Recipes and Sh*t, Assholes: A Theory - you get the idea.

As a buyer for the store, the abrasive book jackets affect my selections. I might pass on a book that would otherwise be of interest if I felt more comfortable displaying it. How do we place a stack of books in the front of the store that scream an obscenity without being offensive?

I was taught that constant swearing indicated a lazy mind. Can’t an industry that prides itself on wordcraft be a bit more creative and a little less obscene? - Liza