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Upcoming events

  • 05/23/2018 - 7:00pm

    Please join us for evening of poetry and essays.

    phyllis katzPhyllis Katz will read poems from her new collection of poems, Finding Ithaca. In this, her third collection, she has written about her late husband's illness and death, her grief and healing, and arriving finally at the sense of peace.

    baron wormserBaron Wormser will present biographical essays from Legends of the Slow Explosion: Eleven Modern Lives.




  • 05/30/2018 - 7:00pm

    christopher wrenBased on original archival research, Those Turbulent Sons of Freedom is a groundbreaking account of an important and little-known front of the Revolutionary War, of George Washington (and his good sense), and of a major American myth. Wren overturns the story of Ethan Allen as a legendary hero of the American Revolution and a patriotic son of Vermont.



  • 06/12/2018 - 7:00pm

    Save the date!

    Ann Kingman from Random House and Anne DeCourcey from Harper will be presenting great book suggestions for reading group discussions.

Book List for Osher Courses

The reading lists for Summer 2018 classes are now available. Click HERE for details!


A Bookseller's Blotter

“Empathy Delivery Devices we call books…”after the shot drops

Novels promote empathy, or so studies show. I recently read After the Shot Drops which allowed me, a 60-something white woman in Vermont, to explore the world of two black, urban, High School guys who are into basketball! Two best friends deal with a split when one starts attending a local private school and major athletic rival. Misunderstandings, loyalties, and bad choices have long-term consequences for these young men. Through the novel, I came to care about them and their concerns.

Empathy, a major factor in promoting civility, is sorely lacking at the moment, locally AND globally. We can learn from another’s perspective. It is important to disagree, we need to be heard, and we must exercise empathy to understand others. Books can help achieve this goal of civil discourse.

Young adult author, Gayle Foreman, referred to books as “Empathy Delivery Devices”  in her new book I Have Lost My Way and I borrowed the phrase. By reading books, lots of books - fiction and non-fiction, for kids and adults, printed and in audio format - I expand my world. ~ Liza