Special Note

IBDWe are delighted to welcome you back into the Norwich Bookstore beginning Saturday, April 24th, Independent Bookstore Day. IBD is an auspicious date to reopen for browsing after a long year of operating behind closed doors. 

We’ll celebrate with special books and literary gifts created just for Indie Bookstore Day, an annual event that spotlights the role bookstores like ours play in communities. Lorrie Wilkes and Ford Daley will entertain in the Square with live music.

Our first StoryWalk of the year featuring Even the Smallest Will Grow, by New Hampshire writer Lita Judge, will also begin April 24th and run for a month. Visit this perfect socially-distanced family activity in the Norwich Square anytime!

We’ll start browsing with limited hours and occupancy, increasing both hours and numbers as more people are vaccinated and Covid cases decline. Customers will be required to follow health guidelines, wear masks, and use hand sanitizer. 

OpeningBeginning April 24th, our doors will be open:

Tuesday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm

Telephone/email/website help and package pickup from our porch will continue:

Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm
Saturday, 9 am - 2 pm

We are so looking forward to seeing you in the store!

Virtual Browsing!

NB new roomWe get it - you miss browsing. And we miss you! But even as we gradually open (see details below), you may still browse from the comfort of your home.

So we created a new Browse Books by Category list here on our website that includes dozens of books you would discover if you were here in person highlighting new and notable fiction and non-fiction; hardcover and paperback, for readers of all ages. 

There is also a page for Staff Picks and Featured Seasonal Lists including Books for Poetry Month and the books chosen for the Reading Group Recommendations Event on March 18th.

A Bookseller's Blotter

Books Not GunsAssault rifles have one purpose. I have heard the argument that fists, bats, knives, and, yes, even books can be used to hurt and kill people and we don't call for banning them...

But fists can be used to punch down bread dough, bats and balls provide hours of entertainment, knives are used on food, and books entertain and enlighten! High capacity guns do not have a positive function in our society, period.

Let’s use books - fiction and non-fiction - to learn about mental health, our constitution and the law, to understand and combat racism, extremism, and exclusion. And then let us act to make the changes we need to keep us all safe.

It's been a difficult year and a hard week with what happened in Atlanta and Boulder. We need to address the underlying issues in order to construct a new normal as we look toward the future. 

The Festival of Passover and the celebration of Easter mark the coming of Spring. May we move toward equity, tolerance, and calm in the days ahead.  - Liza