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Autumn changes... 

Submitted by lizabernard on Wed, 09/04/2019 - 7:19am

sara w toteAs of September 1st, the Norwich bag ordinance is in effect. Plastic bags are banned and we are required by law to charge at least a dime for any paper bag we hand out. Remember to bring your tote bags, especially on those rainy days! And check out our new reusable totes - made with recycled materials - with the bookstore logo.

On the book front, we have long considered offering a Signed First Edition subscription service but couldn’t figure out how to choose titles that would satisfy our diverse readers. Interest in a signed David McCullough might not appeal to those who want an autographed Louise Penny. So we created a new program to get the word out about signed first editions that are available for preorder. If you are interested in a brief quarterly email, please let us know.

After a series of monthly newsletters for the summer, we are returning to our regular schedule of updates. The gatherings in Canaan and Strafford featured wonderfully eclectic writers: novelists and cartoonists, journalists and poets. This fall will be filled with events for a myriad of interests for all ages!

Time to go back to school and familiar routines… - Liza