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Hold Fast (CD-Audio)

Hold Fast Cover Image
Hard to Find (may be out of print - email to check availability)


From NYT bestselling author Blue Balliett, the story of a girl who falls into Chicago's shelter system, and from there must solve the mystery of her father's strange disappearance.

Where is Early's father? He's not the kind of father who you think would disappear. But he's gone. And he's left a whole lot of trouble behind.It's not enough that Early can't find out what's happened to him. His vanishing leads to Early and her mom and her brother being kicked out of their apartment. Having nowhere else to go, they move into Chicago's shelter system. And from there, Early must start getting answers to her questions.Because Early's father hasn't disappeared without a trace. There ARE traces. And Early's going to use them to track her father down . . . and make her way out of a very tough place.

About the Author

Blue Balliett is the author of several bestselling, acclaimed mystery novels, including Hold Fast, Chasing Vermeer (a Book Sense Book of the Year and an Edgar Award winner), The Wright 3, The Calder Game, and The Danger Box. She writes in the laundry room of her home in Chicago, Illinois, and you can find her online at

Product Details
ISBN: 9780545497664
ISBN-10: 0545497663
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Publication Date: March 1st, 2013
Pages: 2
Language: English

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