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Follow the Exit Signs: Instructor's Manual (Playbook) (Paperback)

Follow the Exit Signs: Instructor's Manual (Playbook) By B. D. Alexander Cover Image
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Follow the Exit Signs - is the introductory novel in the Follow the Exit Signs book series. This book is an inspirational self-help narrative that depicts actual events from the life and experiences of the author. This work is designed to be read in consideration of the Follow the Exit Signs Biblical Application Workbook which go hand and hand. "FTES" is designed to empower young people and adults alike in observing the choices we face in correlation with both the good and bad results that follow our decisions. Though written from the prospective of a minority, its message is diverse and speaks to the issues majority of young people face in urban society. Around the world, many men and women believe that the easiest, quickest ways to get ahead is through trickery, deceit, murder, theft, drug dealing and several other negative behaviors that not only affect the victims but take the lives of the supposed victors. Although they know what they are doing is wrong, think that they can slip through the cracks and get away with what they've done. Forgetting that with every action there is a reaction and that with every positive action there is a positive result that follows. The same is with every negative decision leads to a negative consequence in return. The bible advises that we count up the cost of the outcome before making the initial investment into an act or decision as so do I say that as individuals, we must also make our every decision with the possible end results in mind. This novel contains a true story based on the life of the author B.D. Alexander and has been written to empower others to identify the roads, paths and patterns that they have both traveled on and adapted to, in an attempt to shed light on the unconscious decisions made on a daily basis. Hindsight is 20/20 and in retrospect the author has been able to use his life experiences for the good in telling the reader both how-to and how-not to handle certain situations that are common in urban society. Through detailed accounts in light of his own faults, B.D. Alexander intends that this book sets its readers on a journey towards transformation (change from the inside out) as the reader makes their way through the entire Follow the Exit Signs book series. The opinions written in this book are not fact and simply the way in which the author sees the situation from his prospective. Yet, the examples in this book actually occurred and are intended to be taken literally as it applies to the life of the reader. In shedding light on the negative, I, B.D. Alexander hope that I have done you due justice in illuminating the consequences of both negative and positive behaviors. None of this material has been written to entice one to engage in any criminal activities and was created to be a counter balance to the negativity that surrounds young men and women who are from destructive environments.

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ISBN: 9781081715366
ISBN-10: 1081715367
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 15th, 2019
Pages: 106
Language: English

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