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Runaway (Paperback)

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Florian feels like he's losing everything. His soccer camp, which his parents can't pay for. His chance to flirt with his secret crush at camp. His parents' attention. But most of all, his big sister Sarah, who has cancer. Florian is sick of everyone acting like everything is fine when they all know that Sarah isn't getting any better.

Being around my family is extremely hazardous to my health.

So Florian makes a split decision: instead of celebrating his sister's depressing eighteenth birthday at the hospital, he's going to soccer camp. He takes off from the hospital, packs his bags, raids his parents' secret stash of cash, and forges a permission letter for his coach. And he goes.

But amidst the partying, the girls, the fun, there are some things Florian can't leave behind him, no matter how hard he tries. When his parents don't call him, he has to wonder if they miss him at all--or if maybe they have bigger things to worry about....

Product Details
ISBN: 9781477810347
ISBN-10: 147781034X
Publisher: Skyscape
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2014
Pages: 151
Language: English