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Sizzle (Paperback)

Sizzle By Lee McClain Cover Image
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Sizzle...or burn? Linda Delgado has the best nose in all of Arizona--for cooking, that is. She may be only fourteen, but Linda loves making fresh Mexican food with her aunt Elba and blogging about food with her best friend, Julia. But after Aunt Elba suffers a ministroke, Linda is catapulted across the country and into a whole new life. In Pittsburgh, living with bossy Aunt Pat and her seven kids, Linda feels completely out of place. Worst of all, Aunt Pat is a local celebrity with her own TV show, Cooking from Cans--and she won't let Linda in the kitchen. Linda might go loco if she doesn't get some fresh food--like now. Then Linda finally gets her chance to sizzle--alongside cute-guy-with-a-secret Dino Moretti (who even smells delicious) and her jealous cousin Chloe. Linda's new life is about to heat up fast.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781477816301
ISBN-10: 1477816305
Publisher: Two Lions
Publication Date: August 27th, 2013
Pages: 190
Language: English

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