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The So Blue Marble (MP3 CD)

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An actress finds herself caught between her ex-husband and a pair of murderous twinsAt the age of twenty-four, Griselda Satterlee has already lived two lifetimes. A star of the silver screen, she gives up Hollywood after a year and moves to New York to become a designer. While her ex-husband, Con, is out of town, she is staying in his apartment. Walking back one night, she meets two cheerful young men who want to go home with her--and won't take no for an answer.David and Danny are twins, and they are the most beautiful men Griselda has ever seen. They are also the most dangerous. They want something from her: a lustrous blue marble, which they insist is in Con's apartment. Though they leave without hurting her, Griselda knows that next time, they won't be so amiable. To save herself, she must discover the secret of the marble--a secret with death at its core.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781483032566
ISBN-10: 1483032566
Publisher: Skyboat Media
Publication Date: August 19th, 2014
Language: English