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The Unofficial Joke Book for Fans of Harry Potter: Vol. 2 (Unofficial Jokes for Fans of HP) (Paperback)

The Unofficial Joke Book for Fans of Harry Potter: Vol. 2 (Unofficial Jokes for Fans of HP) By Boone Brian, Amanda Brack (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Boone Brian, Amanda Brack (Illustrator)
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Featuring hundreds of jokes and over 50 illustrations, this collection provides endless amounts of fun and clean humor for readers and fans of J.K. Rowling’s bestselling series.

Tickle Charms and Laughing Potions meet your match! Here’s just a sampling of the laugh-out-loud jokes you’ll find inside:
  • Which Hogwarts professor gets blamed for everything? Professor Snape Goat.
  • What’s Professor Lupin’s favorite day of the week? Moonday.
  • Why did Gilderoy Lockhart team up with Nearly Headless Nick? He needed a ghostwriter.
  • Did you hear that Professor McGonagall’s animagi and Crookshanks get together and gossip about students? They’re very catty.

Featuring pages and pages of jokes and more than fifty fantastic illustrations for Hogwarts lovers, this joke book provides endless fun. Have all your friends spellbound by hours of laughter!

Also available are Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book: Howling Hilarity for Hufflepuff, Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book: Raucous Jokes and Riddiculus Riddles for Ravenclaw, and Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book: Great Guffaws for Gryffindor.

About the Author

Brian Boone is the author of I Love Rock n' Roll (Except When I Hate It) and many other books about everything from inventions to paper airplanes to magic to TV. He's written jokes for a lot of funny websites and he lives in Oregon with his family.

Amanda Brack is also the illustrator of the Creeper Diaries series and the Jokes for Minecrafters series from Sky Pony Press. She has a passion for drawing and illustration, and enjoys the creativity of working on a wide variety of projects in her freelance career. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781510737686
ISBN-10: 1510737685
Publisher: Sky Pony
Publication Date: November 13th, 2018
Pages: 176
Language: English
Series: Unofficial Jokes for Fans of HP

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