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Hacking Chemo: Using Ketogenic Diet, Therapeutic Fasting and a Kickass Attitude to Power through Cancer (Paperback)

Hacking Chemo: Using Ketogenic Diet, Therapeutic Fasting and a Kickass Attitude to Power through Cancer Cover Image
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Your cancer is hungry all the time. Stop feeding it and start feeding yourself.

Cancer thrives on sugar. Cancer cells need it, unable to grow and multiply without a steady supply of glucose. But after a cancer diagnosis, medical and dietary recommendations from oncology doctors often result in increased blood sugar and insulin levels-the essential elements that cancer cells need to thrive.

In Hacking Chemo, Registered Dietitian and cancer survivor Martha Tettenborn uncovers the secrets of cancer metabolism, offering a refreshing new way of treating the disease with minimal side effects and maximum effectiveness. Cancer treatment like chemotherapy doesn't have to derail your life. You can be your own bio-hacker by decoding how cancer works in your body...and your life.

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • A complete low-carb ketogenic meal plan to stress cancer cells and prevent new cancer growth while providing optimal nutrition to your body.
  • The Chemo Cycle Fasting Protocol to boost your healthy cells into stealth mode and minimize chemo side effects.
  • Helpful tips for easing "low-carb flu" as you shift from a Standard American Diet into ketosis.
  • How to heal from the anxiety and emotional pain of a cancer diagnosis using a positive attitude, knowledge and advocacy, connection to spirit and creating your Circle of Care.
  • Sixteen easy, delicious keto-friendly diet recipes to get you through chemotherapy-and beyond

Change how you fuel your body, add in a kickass "take control" attitude, and you'll have nontoxic but tough tools to power your way back to health. Don't feed cancer-hack it

Product Details
ISBN: 9781777148805
ISBN-10: 1777148804
Publisher: Maple Grove Press
Publication Date: November 19th, 2020
Pages: 262
Language: English

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