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Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey Into Space: Turn This Book Into a Prehistoric Work of Art (Hardcover)

Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey Into Space: Turn This Book Into a Prehistoric Work of Art Cover Image
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Meet the world's most amazing dinosaurs in this strikingly illustrated book with press-out die-cut pages which reveal a parade of prehistoric predators.

The Fearsome World of Dinosaurs takes a look at some of these prehistoric beasts. The unique die-cut format lets the dinos leap off the page, forming a parade of the biggest, boldest and most fascinating of these incredible creatures from the past. Each dinosaur is presented with information about their appearance, characteristics, key facts and the meaning behind their names. From gigantic herbivores to armor-plated tanks, there's a new dinosaur to meet with every turn of the page.

Dinosaurs included: Allosaurus; Tyrannosaurus rex; Brachiosaurus; Coelophysis; Microraptor; Liopleurodon; Pentaceratops; Plateosaurus; Spinosaurus; Stenonychosaurus; Gastonia; Giganotosaurus; Struthiomimus; Deinonychus; Carnotaurus; Herrerasaurus; Archaeopteryx; Dilophosaurus; Cerataurus; Pachycephalosaurus; Protoceratops; Parasaurolophus; Stegosaurus; Diplodocus; Therizinosaurus; Maiasaura; Eoraptor; Quetzalcoatlus; Mamenchisaurus.

Paperscapes: the book that transform into a work of art. Whether you're interested in reading a classic from Lewis Carroll, exploring the cityscape of London or learning about plants and animals, Paperscapes books offer everything a traditional book would, and then uses innovative design and beautiful illustrations to let readers turn their book into a work of art.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781783125814
ISBN-10: 1783125810
Publisher: Welbeck Children's
Publication Date: September 1st, 2020
Pages: 64
Language: English

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