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The History of a Disgraceful Surrender (2021) (Paperback)

The History of a Disgraceful Surrender (2021) By Inam R. Sehri Cover Image
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How the US lost its longest war in Afghanistan..... worth considering that it was America's own choiceto jump into the Afghan sand-grave. - The world media's FALSE cry: Pakistan, nominally a US partner in the war, had also been the Afghan Taliban's main patron.

Now find the answer below -

see the Washington Post of 27th September 2021 with a big caption: PM Imran Khan: Don't blame Pakistan........; adding that: - "America made no mention of Pakistan's sacrifices as a US ally in the War on Terror for more than two decades. Instead, we were blamed for America's loss. - Earlier, the US had once asked Pakistan to train certain Afghani groups, called Mujahedeen, jointly by the CIA and our ISI, to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. - Back then, President Ronald Reagan even entertained the mujahedeen at the White House. - Once the Soviets were defeated, the US abandoned Afghanistan leaving behind over 4 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan and a bloody civil war in Afghanistan. From this security vacuum emerged the Taliban. - Fast forward to 9/11, when the US needed us again - Gen Musharraf offered Washington logistics and air bases; also allowed a CIA footprint in Pakistan. - For the Afghan people, the United States was a 'foreign occupier' just like the Soviets, deserving of the same treatment.

- Since 2001, US was repeatedly warned that the Afghan war was un-winnable. Given their history, Afghans would never accept a protracted foreign military presence. - Pakistan was now America's collaborator, but got attacked by over 450 US drone strikes on our territory, making us the only country in history to be so bombed by an ally.

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ISBN: 9781803810041
ISBN-10: 1803810041
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
Publication Date: June 9th, 2022
Pages: 366
Language: English

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