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Dark Psychology Secrets (Hardcover)

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Everyone has a soft spot that makes them go easy on certain decisions.

But what if your weakness is the main cause of your downfall?

Would you rather continue holding on to it even if it causes you more harm? Definitely no

So, why do you stand people who keep on using your weakness to divert your attention elsewhere?

It is essential to stand by your decision no matter the consequences. You are the one who knows where the shoe hurts you the most.

Don't be the one who always wants to please everyone. Such people are vulnerable to manipulation as their weakness is widely known.

Ensure that you don't fall victim to their manipulation techniques especially when it hurts your willpower. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and thus no one should tell you otherwise.

Having strong willpower keeps manipulators at bay. They know that if you're firm then they'll have a hard nut to crack in convincing you to follow their way. Don't let your emotions take control of determining your willpower.

Emotional individuals easily become prey to their manipulators who'll use the slimmest chance to convince you to adhere to their ideologies. As such, it is always advisable that you make decisions free of any emotional attachment.

Remember, one simple decision may make you live in regret for the most part of your life. It is absurd when you make certain decisions only to come to haunt and you in the future when everything seems settled. So, be your own boss and make sober decisions.

Having low self-esteem makes one vulnerable to manipulation. It makes the victims be in a state of despair when making certain decisions. Desperation plays a huge role in ensuring that the victims don't make the right choices. The manipulators, on the other hand, uses this to persuade their victims to follow their principles. This confusion and dilemma are very dangerous when making decisions. The predators are happier when their victims are in this state. This is because they gain maximum control of their victims when they are in such situations.

In "Dark Psychology Secrets" you'll discover:

  • What Dark Psychology is and how is used to control people.
  • The secrets of mind control and how it is different brainwashing and other similar techniques.
  • How to use different manipulative techniques to own your emotions and personal relationships
  • The concept of subliminal psychology
  • The art of persuasion, manipulation and mind control and how you can protect yourself from others with these skills
  • Understand why these techniques are so effective.
  • And much more...

If you have a clear stand, you'll be free of any manipulation. The predators will realize that you're smart and will thus have to invent smarter ways to woo your attention. Either way, if you don't give in easily to conversational pressure, you'll find it easy to deal with these manipulators. Always ensure that you have control of the whole conversation. If the predators try convincing you otherwise, let them know that you are smart enough to combat such tactics. Don't believe that you are a lesser human being than these uncaring manipulators who'll do anything to divert your focus.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781914346156
ISBN-10: 1914346157
Publisher: F&f Publishing
Publication Date: January 29th, 2021
Pages: 148
Language: English

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