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The Zealots (Paperback)

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By G. K. Johnson, James Dawson (Illustrator), Robin M. Bolton (Editor)
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"A remarkable story of Christ's passion from the landscape of Roman rule and the Zealot's diminishing returns where vicious crucifixions and one man's reason take the world by storm" - Karl Wheeler, high school teacher

Camaraderie goes awry.

When a tragic event of political angst occurs in the Judean landscape separating two young men, one joins an insurrection in which vengeance may satiate his demons. The other is taken into the underbelly of the Holy City, Jerusalem. The future is altered for the two companions when each follows his own path..

"No man knows what is in his friend's heart." Talmud, Pesachim

Shim'on craves peace, but can he find this peace? Can anyone predict the outcome of a single choice?

Have you loved a classic survival story like The Mark of the Lion, or the legends of Ben Hur, The Robe or Two from Galilee? Do you love a mystery like The Silver Chalice and appreciate the great storytelling found in A Man Called Peter? The Zealots adventure parallels these first century novels retelling of The Passion of Christ through the eyes of those who hate him and those who became his followers. Here is another epic tale drawn from the barren beginnings of Christianity.

Young men and women who appreciate classic novels of insurrection and free thought will enjoy the brightness of this story. More mature readers will appreciate the graceful story and deep truths. The right hand skillfully hides a mysterious scholar, but the left hand may discover a secret.

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ISBN: 9781951084271
ISBN-10: 1951084276
Publisher: Capture Books
Publication Date: December 29th, 2020
Pages: 354
Language: English