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The Bookstore is for sale...

... but we are not going anywhere until we find the right booksellers to carry on the traditions!

As founders and co-owners, Penny McConnel and Liza Bernard, have viewed their business as an unfolding story over the past 25 years. As they put the Norwich Bookstore on the market, what better way to plan the next chapter than to envision a happy ending set in the near future? 

Just imagine... It’s August 1st, 2024, and the Norwich Bookstore is celebrating 30 years with happy readers of all ages. The new owners have embraced all the positive aspects of the past and are adding their personal touches to the space and the services offered. Penny and Liza are pleased and excited to have found an energetic and creative new team.

Located in the central Vermont village of Norwich, the bookstore opened in 1994 with the goal of serving the reading and writing community of the Upper Valley, a “micropolitan” region that straddles Vermont and New Hampshire, and includes Dartmouth College. We have achieved that goal and then some, earning industry and regional accolades along the way! The bookstore is busier than ever with a full calendar of author events and a dedicated - and growing - customer base.

Are you interested in becoming part of this exciting narrative? Do you know anyone looking for a beloved community bookstore to shepherd into the future?

Please contact Liza Bernard at for information.