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COVID-19 UPDATE: As of November 2020, we have suspended our review of new books for consignment unless the author lives in the immediate area.

***Your Book Here!

We carry a wide variety of books and products on consignment. Through our consignment program, we work with local and regional authors to showcase the rich literary culture of the Upper Valley and New England!

Consignment could be a good fit for your book if:

  • It is independently published/self published, or otherwise not readily available from a distributor like Ingram at a 35% discount (or higher) with option to return

  • You are local to the Upper Valley, or you or your book have a connection to our community

  • Your book has been proof-read and does not contain typographical errors

  • Your book has the title and the author’s name printed on the spine*

  • You value local businesses, and are willing to help promote your book’s availability on our shelves!

* This is so your book can easily be displayed on our shelves. Some publications - like Zines, for instance - don’t have a spine that can be printed on, and that’s okay if your title is otherwise a good fit. Let us know if you’re concerned about this, or have questions!

Consignment works like this:

  • If you’d like us to consider your book for consignment, download our New Title Information Sheet (found at the bottom of this page), fill it out, and return it to us. You can bring that by our store, or email it to Sam Kaas at

  • We’ll evaluate your book and determine whether it’s a good fit for our shelves. Please note that, due to the high number of consignment requests we receive, it can take us up to one month to respond to new inquiries

  • If we determine that your book is a good fit, we will ask you to deliver a set number of copies (we will specify how many copies we need; we will not take more than 3 to start). We will receive your book into inventory and display it on our shelves. 

  • You will receive a standard 60/40 split on all sales (this is the book industry standard). We pay you 60% of the retail price of each item sold, and we receive 40%

  • We evaluate sales Quarterly, and pay via check for all sales in the previous Quarter (it is the author’s responsibility to keep us informed of any address or contact info changes)

  • After a six-month period with no sales, we may return unsold books to you

Thank you for your interest in having your book on our shelves! We look forward to hearing from you!

Important Notes:

  • Filling out a New Title Information Sheet does NOT guarantee that your book will be accepted on consignment. We evaluate each title to see if it is a good fit for our store

  • Due to the high number of consignment requests we receive, it may take us up to a month to respond to consignment inquiries

  • Unfortunately, we are NOT able to read every title submitted to us. We are NOT able to meet with each prospective consignment author

  • Marketing and promotion of consignment titles is the responsibility of the author

  • We DO NOT consider new titles for consignment from November 15 - January 15 each year, as this is our busiest season. Titles submitted to us during this period will be evaluated AFTER January 15


The Norwich Bookstore is locally owned, community focused, and proudly independent!