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Delays and Patience

Submitted by lizabernard on Sat, 04/13/2019 - 8:14am

keep calm & expect delays
We are usually really good at predicting when a book will be back in stock or a special order will arrive, but the best laid plans….

Last week, I was the disappointed customer! I had ordered a Lonely Planet Guide to Thailand for my daughter’s 25th birthday present. (Yes, the “bookstore baby” is 25 and yes, she is planning a trip to Thailand!) Rachel was visiting for the weekend and the book was supposed to arrive on Friday. I would wrap it up and she could bring it home with her on Sunday.

But, alas, two cartons from one of the warehouses were not delivered. So I - and a few dozen others - had to wait for our books. 

We have become so used to instant gratification. Where did my long-range planning go? When did taking a day - a whole 24 hours - to respond to a message become something to apologize for? Note to self: slow down and be patient!

The good news is that Rachel’s trip isn’t until the fall so there’s plenty of time to mail her book. I have decided to view this as an opportunity to include a chocolate treat in the package when I send it... - Liza