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Distracted & Forgetful?

What with the pandemic, politics, and personal challenges, I have been Books to pick upsomewhat distracted these past few months…

Many of you may be in the same boat which may explain the many unclaimed packages waiting for pick up! You head out to do errands and then get home and realize you drove right past the bookstore and forgot to stop for your package. Or the weather took a turn for the worse and you felt you better head home before it got dark and the roads became slick.

Whatever the reason, we have a growing backlog of book orders waiting for their readers! We try to reach out with reminders but have been having a hard time tracking some of you down as we don't have current phone numbers or email addresses on file.  

We all look forward to the day when you can stop by for your order and stay to browse but we are not ready to open until cases decrease and the cross-state travel ban is lifted. Until then, please be in touch by phone or email. We’re happy to bring things out to the porch for you. - Liza

The Norwich Bookstore is locally owned, community focused, and proudly independent!