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Q: I ordered a signed book. When will it arrive?
A: Signed books are available year-round, limited to stock on hand. We ship these books to you as quickly as we can, using media mail. A good estimate for domestic orders is a 7 to 10 days as long as the author is in town and not traveiing. If we are waiting for more signed copies of a particular book, we will notify you. 

Q: Why is there sometimes a cutoff date to order a signed book?  Is it set in stone?
A: On the cutoff date for a round of signed books, we begin preparing all the orders to go to authors and be signed. All orders and changes to your order (adding books, changing shipping addresses, etc) must be in by noon on the cutoff date to be part of that signing batch. An order placed the next day may possibly wiggle in depending on time and availability of books, but it's not guaranteed. Place your order by the cutoff date to be sure of receiving your book in that batch.  

Q: Can I request a book from an Upper Valley author who is not on your signed book list?
A: Yes! We will do our best to have a local author autograph a book for you and will let you know if it is not possible. Please be sure to allow enough time for the author to visit the store and the book to be mailed.

Q: Can I write a detailed message to be included in my book? What if I want it to say Happy Birthday, Joe?
A: If the book is for a special occasion or person, you may indicate it. The authors generally try to incorporate this, but please remember it is as their time permits.  Examples are "It's for my daughter's birthday" or "It's a graduation gift." Please do not enter a detailed message to have the authors write verbatim, as out of respect for their time, we are unable to pass these messages onto them. Please also refrain from requesting expressions of love or asking for the book to be signed from someone other than the author.  Let the writer do the writing, and we think you'll be pleased with the results.  

Q: Can I send you my copy of one of the author’s books to sign?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept books that you already own for signatures.

Q: Can I return a book that I bought?
A: If there is a problem with your order, please send an email to so that we may figure out the best way to solve the problem. Otherwise, you may return an autographed book that has not been personalized within 30 days, and we'll credit the price of the book when we receive it. (Shipping is not refundable, and the return shipping is at your expense.)

Q: What if I want to order a bunch of signed copies and resell them?
A: A great deal of time and effort goes into these books, with the goal of offering the authors’ fans something truly special. Therefore we discourage reselling and reserve the right to limit or refuse orders from known resellers or orders we suspect run counter to this spirit. Our current guideline is that unless each volume is inscribed to a specific person, orders for more than two copies of any single title may not be accepted. 

Q: Where do you ship? How much does shipping cost?
A: We ship worldwide. Please select the appropriate shipping line at checkout and your total will appear.

Q: What if I move between placing the order and receiving it? What if the book never arrives?
A: Please, please notify us of any changes in address. If you do this before the cutoff date, we will ship to the new address and there will be no problems. If a book is returned to us because of our error in shipping, we will do whatever we can to make the situation right, including reshipping the book. If a book is returned to us for any other reason, we will contact you to arrange a solution based on individual circumstances. This may involve refunding the price of the book or reshipping at an additional cost. 

Q: How come my order is marked completed, but I don't have my book?
A: Basically, "completed" means the book is in the process of being signed and mailed. We mark orders completed when we have the book ready to go. Books generally arrive within two weeks domestically, 3-4 weeks internationally. 

Q: Can you make my shipping cheaper?
A: The shipping and handling reflects the extensive process of getting the books signed. Each book receives white glove service as it is inspected for damage, assigned an order, prepared for inscription, personally delivered to the authors, and then picked up after a few days, at which time the book is double checked, matched with its customer, carefully packaged and sent. It's a time-consuming, meticulous process, but the end result is really something special. The authors are able to make each book unique and personalized in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

Q: I heard you had some discounted mis-inscribed books. What and where are those?
A:   Authors sign and personalize many books for us and they rarely make a mistake. However, sometimes we give them the wrong information, or a customer never picks up their book. So we might end up with an extra book addressed "To Amy", for example. Whenever we have any available, they will be listed here. 

Q: Can I send you mail for the author, or contact them through you?  
A: To learn about contacting the authors or for details about their biographies, please see their official individual websites for the most up-to-date information. Occasionally, we are able forward emailed requests though we never give out contact information.

If your question was not answered here, you may email us at: or call (802) 649-111.

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