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Just My Type: Valentine's Day Book Bundle



Looking for the perfect Valentine for the book lover in your life?

Get them Just My Type

a Valentine's Day Book Bundle

What Are My Options?

There are three gift tiers (see below), but each gift comes with at least one expertly selected and giftwrapped paperback book, a sweet treat, and a Valentine's Day card! 


More Than Friends: $40

Comes with one book, a box or bag of Lake Champlain chocolates, and a card

True Love: $65

Comes with two books, aa box or bag of Lake Champlain chocolates, and a card

Puppy Love: $30

A gift for kids! Comes with one paperback book, a box or bag of Lake Champlain chocolates, and a card


How Does It Work?

Fill out the form below, which gives us some information about the intended recipient so we can select the just-right book for them. You can even let us know if there's a particular bookseller at the store whose taste you (or the recipient) align with. Check out our staff picks here. With this info, our team of expert booksellers will gather up the perfect selection while you sit back and relax.

How Long Does It Take?

Bundles take 2-3 days to gather, but may take longer if you request a specific booksller (see below). If you want veto power on our choices, make sure to select "Veto Power Please." We'll email you with the book we've chosen, but if we don't hear back within twenty-four hours we'll assume our choice is OK and prep the bundle for pick-up or shipping.

How Do I Get It?

You can choose to pick up your gift, have the recipient pick it up, or have it shipped anywhere in the US for $12.00.

Still Have Questions?

You can email us at or call the store at 802-649-1114

Choose a level of "interest"!
(if known; an approximate is helpful for kids)
let us know what message to include in your card; if you'd like to fill the card out yourself please write "leave blank" in this field
Cost of shipping is $12
choose "Surprise Me" if you trust us, choose "Veto Power Please" if you would like us to review our selections with you.
is there a particular staff member whose taste you align with? Not sure? Check out their picks pages or leave this question blank!
hobbies, favorite authors/books/TV shows/movies, anything else that might help?

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