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The Norwich Bookstore is here for you & your book needs!

Submitted by lizabernard on Sun, 09/30/2018 - 6:01am

We are greatly saddened to learn that Barnes & Noble is closing the Dartmouth Bookstore! It has long been a Hanover landmark and we never want to hear news of any bookstore closing.

STAFF SPRING 18Rest assured, the Norwich Bookstore is going strong. While the business is on the market because Penny and I are approaching the time to pass the baton to younger booksellers, we are going nowhere in the immediate future.

We strongly believe that a physical location to discover books, meet authors, and gather with other readers is critical to our culture. Our current events calendar is full and we are stocking up for the busy season ahead.

Please help us spread the word that we have two floors of books and other treasures for everyone in the family - from both sides of the river!  We are less than two miles from the Dartmouth Green and parking is free... ~ Liza

PS The photo, taken at our latest staff supper this spring, represents more than 120 years of bookselling experience! ~ Liza