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Notes from a Book Angel

Submitted by lizabernard on Sat, 12/08/2018 - 7:19am


book angels"Hanging about the bookstore today, I overheard some questions and thought I would take this opportunity to explain how we came to be here and what happens after we depart with hundreds of books in mid-December.

"Early each year, staff and dedicated volunteers evaluate the success of the Book Angels' prior season's collection.Thankfully for us, we have been invited back for more than twenty years.

"We spend the year getting into shape to carry the holiday book wishes of children from around the region. This year we are working with Vermont Child and Family Services, The Haven, The Family Place, and Children’s Literature Foundation (CLiF). 

"The bookstore supplies the wreath, our home away from home. I must say, the one this year from Cube Mountain is particularly grand!

"And we so appreciate the volunteers who use colorful markers to make the wishes visible. That way you know that one of us is seeking a board book about dinosaurs for a very special toddler, and another would like to leave with a fantasy novel for our particular teen. 

"When you pick one of us off the wreath, we hold our breath as you select a book for our child. Of course, you can leave it to the staff to make the choices. It is always fun listening to the booksellers making suggestions! Decisions made, you purchase the book and we go along for the ride - though being taped to the book can be a tad awkward…  

"Soon we are saying farewell to our Angel friends who are off to different destinations. Then we wait, hoping that the books we bear will be loved. We imagine children clutching the gift books with huge grins on their faces. Another season finished. 

"From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for helping us spread the love of reading. ~ A Book Angel (with the purple ribbon)"