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Order a Signed Book

Would you like to order a signed book? We are happy to help you with that!

We have the great good fortune of having many published writers in the Upper Valley region who are willing to stop by and sign books, and we can always arrange to have a visiting author personalize a book even if you are not able to attend the reading.

Ordering signed copies is easy. You may either call us at (802) 649-1114, email us at or order the book online here. If you decide to order on this website, please be sure specify that you would like the book to be signed in the 'Comments' field when you are checking out your Shopping Cart.

If you would like a special message to be included with the signature, please let us know what you would like it to be. We do not need specific wording, just the name and a general idea of what you are looking for. (Eg. "for Joe for his 40th Birthday" or "just a signature, no inscription")

Thank you!