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Osher at Dartmouth Course Books

We are happy to work with instructors and students to obtain books for Osher at Dartmouth courses and lectures. The list of books below is for the Fall classes (September 16 - November 15, 2019) organized by instructor. 

The links (blue highlights) will bring you to the book pages for titles that are currently in print.

We have some books in the store; others need to be ordered and usually take less than a week, often only a day or two. "Special order" books are titles that are more difficult to get and are usually non-returnable.

We may also be able to find very specalized texts or out of print books though these requests take longer.

You may order via the website, or by email, or call 802-649-1114, or stop by the store - whichever is easiest for you! And we deliver to Kendal, the Greens, and Wheelock Terrace.

Fall 2019 Courses

instructor class book title req notes 
Amanda Albright Introduction to Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality Charlie Fink's Metaverse Y not avail through our channels
Barbara Bazarian CANCELLED Beekeeping for Beginners The Backyard Beekeeper N  

The Beekeeper's Handbook

Brian Blanchette Updike's Short Fiction Brings Middle Class Suburbia to Life The Early Stories, 1953-1975 Y  


N available to order
Peter Blodgett Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World Factfulness Y  
Patricia Cashman CANCELLED The Heroine's Journey Women Who Run With the Wolves Y  
Guy Collins Atheism, Nihilism, Metaphysics A Short History of Atheism N available to order
Richard Crocker Learning to Have Civil Conversations The Righteous Mind Y  

Strangers in Their Own Land

Jo Evarts Life, Love, Art and Gardens in the Cornish Art Colony, 1880-1916 A Place of Beauty Y not avail through our channels, may be available used
    Footprints of the Past Y not avail through our channels, may be available used

The Life and Works of Augustus Saint Gaudens

N special order, non returnable
Aliette Frank CANCELLED A Naturalist's Guide to Field Journaling Field Notes on Science and Nature Y special order by 9/1!
Rosie Greenstein

Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? Reading the Graphic Novel

Maus I & II Y  

Perseplois I




Vertigo: A Novel in Woodcuts

Y non-returnable
James Heffernan James Joyce's Ulysses: Diving In Ulysses Y  

Ulysses Annotated

N special order, non-returnable
Heidi Hoskin Great Themes of Humanity in the Bible The Bible Y any edition
Robert Kalm The Interactive Voice The Interactive Voice Y not avail through our channels
Jim Kennedy Weeds and Seeds: Autumn Botany Newcomb's Flower Guide Y  

A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs


Peterson Field Guide to Ferns

Werner Kleinhardt On Independent Thought and Imagination Essays and Aphorisms Y  
Joanie Miller Beginning Stock Market Investing for Women Rich Dad, Poor Dad N  
Paul Morrison Artificial Intelligence is Finally Here - Now What Happens? Artificial Intelligence for Dummies Y  
Richard Neugass Telluride@Dartmouth 2019: History of the Telluride Festival and Discussions of This Year's Films Telluride in the Film Festival Galaxy N not avail through our channels
Stephen O'Dwyer Mindfulness Meditations: Establishing or Deepening a Daily Practice

The Issue at Hand: Essays on Buddhist Mindfulness Practice

Y special order; not returnable
Moby Pearson Not Your Usual Music Appreciation Mozart's Last Year N not avail through our channels

Tales from the Locker Room: An Anecdotal Portrait of George Szell and His Cleveland Orchestra

John Randolph Understanding and Applying the Science of Brain Health

Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain


Positive Neuropsychology

N special order, non-returnable
Marilyn Roberts Shakespeare's Battle of the Sexes The Taming of the Shrew Y non-returnable

Much Ado About Nothing

Y non-returnable
Steve Rounds Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War The Landmark Thucydides Y  
Sallyann Sack How to Trace Your Jewish Genealogy Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy N not avail through our channels
Laura Schneider The Timeless Nevil Shute Chequer Board Y not avail through our channels
    Round the Bend N not avail through our channels
    The Far Country Y not avail through our channels
    What Happened to the Corbetts N not avail through our channels

On the Beach

    No Highway Y not avail through our channels
    Trustee From the Tool Room Y not avail through our channels
Alan Schnur Does the U.S. Constitution Need a Tune-up? The U.S. Constitution N  

The Framers' Coup: The Making of the United States Constitution

Brenda Silver Postmodern Fiction Between the Acts Y  

The English Patient


The Crying of Lot 49


In the Heart of the Country

Martin Smith CANCELLED How to Build a Habitable Planet How to Build a Habitable Planet Y  

A Short History of Nearly Everything

Jonathan Stableford Michael Ondaatje: Three Novels and a Memoir Running in the Family Y  

The English Patient


Anil's Ghost



Dennis Stern What's So Funny? A Serious Look at American Humor The 50 Funniest American Writers Y special order 
Phil Tierney Living Life While Facing Death: Comparing the World Religions The World's Religions N  
Phil Tierney Whatever Became of Jesus  How American Christianity Lost Its Way American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us N  

The End of White Christian America

James Wilson The State of the Union: A Nation Divided.  The Issues Examined The Soul of America Y