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Osher at Dartmouth Course Books

We are happy to work with instructors and students to obtain books for Osher at Dartmouth courses and lectures. We are working on adding the list of books for the Winter classes (January 13 to March 13, 2020) organized by instructor. 

The links (blue highlights) will bring you to the book pages for titles that are currently in print.

We have some books in the store; others need to be ordered and usually take less than a week, often only a day or two. "Special order" books are titles that are more difficult to get and are usually non-returnable.

We may also be able to find very specalized texts or out of print books though these requests take longer.

You may order via the website, or by email, or call 802-649-1114, or stop by the store - whichever is easiest for you! And we deliver to Kendal, the Greens, and Wheelock Terrace.

Winter 2020 Courses

instructor class book title req/opt notes 

Ellen Bettemann

Exploring Race and Racism in 2020 So You Want to Talk About Race req  

Patricia Cashman

The Heroine's Journey Women Who Run With the Wolves req  

Roy Finney

Reality is Not What it Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity Reality is Not What it Seems req  

Wayne Gerson & Gail Kuhl

The Five Mindfulness Trainings: A Global Ethic for a World in Peril Mindfulness Survival Kit req  

Sonja Hakala

Queens of Crime: An Introduction to the First Century of Great British Detective Fiction The Murder of Roger Ackroyd req  

Gaudy Night


The Tiger in the Smoke


Brat Farrar


Josiah Horner

Introduction to Plato's Republic The Republic of Plato req  

Jim Kennedy & Alice Schori

Winter Botany: Buds and Bark A Field Guide to Trees of North America - Petrides opt  

A Field Guide to Trees of the Northesast - Wojtech


Fruit Key and Twig Key to Trees and Shrubs


Woody Plants of the Northern Forest


Werner Kleinhardt

Bertrand Russell, Skeptical Essays Skeptical Essays req avail for special order 

Roland Kuchel

The Decline and Fall of Empires The Siege of Krishnapur req  

Susan McCaslin

In the Beginning: The Book of Genisis Bible: Revised Standard Edition req  

Joseph Ronan

Introduction to Aesthetics: How Can We Know What Beauty Is?

Aesthetics: A Comprehensive Anthology

opt out of print

Barry Scherr

Before Glastnost... Farewell to Matyora req may be available to special order

Another Life and the House on the Embankment


The Zone


George Spencer

CANCELLED Courage 101: An "Exercise" Program for Building Personal Courage

Courage 101: True Tales of Grit and Glory


Man's Search for Meaning


Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage


Jonathan Stableford

Toni Morrison: Three Important Novels Song of Solomon req  





Peter Travis

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales The Selected Canterbury Tales req special order

Geoffrey Chaucer: A New Introduction

opt special order

Chaucer: A European Life


Sarah Welsch

Arthur Redux: A Literary-Historical Quest into Ealry Welsh Influences on British History The History of the  Kings of Britain req  

The Mabinogion