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Psychic Reading?

Submitted by lizabernard on Wed, 10/30/2019 - 7:19am

crystal ballWe would love to have a crystal ball to foresee what size audience will be interested in an author event, but alas, we must rely on past experience and educated guesses…

Carefully tracking reservations for Helmuth Caspar von Moltke’s talk, we were confident we would have room for everyone at the bookstore. On Friday, five days before the event, we still had a third of the seats to fill. Then the Valley News ran a wonderful piece by Nichola Smith on the book and we ended Saturday with enough people interested to fill the store twice and then some!

So the scramble began! It is not as simple as deciding to change locations. Is there a venue available? Can we afford the rental fee? Is the author willing to speak to a larger gathering? Can we get more books? Is there staff to facilitate off-site? And if we can move the reading, how do we let everyone know?

This week we were happily able to make all the parts come together. - Liza

P.S. A word of thanks is due to the Valley News for featuring regional writers, books, and events. This week proved once again how important a local daily print paper is!