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Thanksgiving Weekend

Submitted by lizabernard on Tue, 11/26/2019 - 5:21am

holiday dispalyRunning a bookstore can be challenging in our ever-changing retail landscape. What books will be reviewed? Which author’s novel will be a breakout bestseller? Did the publisher print enough copies? Will our staff picks interest you? Do we have the perfect game/toy/book in the series for your niece/uncle/grandson? Can we get that special order book in time? All those questions are on the “big exam” aka the “holiday season” that officially begins Thanksgiving weekend! 

Plaid Friday is a local twist on Black Friday. Instead of solely looking down at the bottom line, independent stores like ours look out at our community and the wonderfully various interests and connections among us. We love it when we get to meet that brother we helped you choose a novel for his birthday or that granddaughter we have been mailing books to for years.

Small Business Saturday was declared to remind you that small businesses are the heart of our region. We support schools and local nonprofits. We offer authors an opportunity to connect with readers and vice versa.

Slow-reading Sunday is our own creation to address our personal need to take a break during this busy season and nurture ourselves by curling up with a good book.

Cider Monday is the brainchild of a fellow bookseller in NH to respond to the Cyber Monday craze. Stop by, see what is new, and have a glass of cider and a treat. Of course, if you prefer to shop online, you can still support local indie stores like ours - Cyber Monday or anytime - at 

We are thankful for your support throughout the year. As always, we have worked and studied the publishing landscape so that we will have the right books for you for the holidays and beyond. Come put us to the test! - Liza

P.S. Stop by to pick up a copy of the "How to Give a Book" Holiday Catalog if you missed it in the Valley News on November 23rd.