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Trust & Cooperation

Submitted by lizabernard on Sat, 10/17/2020 - 7:08am

table w hand sanitizer

We love having you back in the store! Talking about what you are reading, selecting cards or a puzzle, and quietly browsing the shelves -- that is what the bookstore is about.

But we can only continue this gradual reopening with your cooperation. Before we can welcome you into our space, we ask that you fill out a brief questionnaire online when you make your appointment.

You must confirm that you are following Vermont's travel regulations. This means that you have not just returned from California, or Florida, or even eastern Massachusetts! (Currently only one county in MA qualifies for travel to VT without a quarantine period.)

A house guest from out of state could also be a reason to postpone your visit to the bookstore. 

Phone, email, and web orders for pick up from the porch are still the way to go if you are not sure about contacts you may have had. It’s easy and fast - and you can shop in your PJs.

We need to trust that you are being as careful with us as we are with you. We appreciate an abundance of caution. - Liza