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Watch recordings of our author events on YouTube!We host author events every week, and we record many of them, whether they're held in person or online! If you missed one of our recent events, it may be available as a recording for later viewing!

Recorded author events are uploaded to our YouTube Channel. CHECK OUT ALL OF OUR RECORDINGS HERE!

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We're proud to partner with our friends at CATV to broadcast our author events throughout the Upper Valley. CATV is a 501(c)3 community-building organization that enables open public dialogue, expression, and government transparency by providing access to the expanding world of media. View the CATV schedule here!

Please note that it takes time to process each recording before it's uploaded! We try to make recordings available as quickly as possible, but it can take up to a month for new recordings to be added.


4/5/22 Flynn Berry & Katie Crouch -- Northern Spy

4/1/22 Edith Forbes -- Tracking a Shadow: My Lived Experiment with MS

2/16/22 (Link to come) Alice B. Fogel & Alexandria Peary -- Nothing But & Battle of Silicon Valley at Daybreak

2/11/22 (Link to come) Jillian Cantor, in conversation with Miranda Beverly-Whittemore--Beautiful Little Fools

2/10/22 (Link to come) Rob Osler, in conversation with Sara J. Henry -- Devil's Chew Toy: A Mystery

1/25/22 Keila Vall de la Ville, with Kianny Antigua -- The Animal Days

1/19/22 Rebecca Starks & Genevieve Plunkett -- Fetch, Muse & Prepare Her

1/14/22 Harley Rustad (in conversation with Katie Ives) -- Lost in the Valley of Death

1/11/22 Carol Westberg & Laura Foley -- Ice Lands & Why I Never Finished My Dissertation

12/3/21 (not recorded) Jodi Picoult (in conversation with Chris Bohjalian) - Wish You Were Here 

11/19/21 Franz Nicolay & Adam Wilson -- Someone Should Pay For Your Pain & Sensation Machines

11/12/21 Melissa K Scanlan, in conversation with Gus Speth-- Prosperity in the Fossil-Free Economy

11/10/21 Michael Freed-Thall, in conversation with Ellen Meeropol-- Horodno Burning

11/4/21 Jarad Greene, in conversation with Tillie Walden -- A-Okay

10/28/21 Archer Mayor, in conversation with Greg Davis -- Marked Man

10/14/21 Marta McDowell -- Unearthing the Secret Garden

10/6/21 Amy Belding Brown, in conversation with Aífe Murray -- Emily's House

10/5/21 Judy Bolton-Fasman -- Asylum, A Memoir of Family Secrets

10/1/21 Cammy Thomas, Joan Houlihan, & Glen Pourciau -- An Evening of Poetry and Prose with Four Way Books

9/30/21 Elizabeth Emerson -- Letters From Red Farm: The Untold Story of the Friendship between Helen Keller and Journalist Joseph Edgar Chamberlin

9/29/21 (Not recorded) Sandor Katz -- Sandor Katz's Fermentation Journeys -- with Dan Barber

9/28/21 Brett Ann Stanciu -- Unstitched -- with poet Kerrin McCadden --American Wake

9/24/21 Yuyi Morales, in conversation with Reyna Grande--Bright Star (Lucero)

9/14/21 Nancy Marie Brown -- The Real Valkyrie

9/13/21 Tom Wessels -- New England's Roadside Ecology

5/27/21 Julia Alvarez and Jill McCorkle (in conversation with Liza Bernard) - Afterlife, by Alvarez and Hieroglyphics, by McCorkle

5/13/21 Sydney Lea (in conversation with Liza Bernard) - Seen From All Sides: Lyric and Everyday Life

5/6/21 Megan Baxter (in conversation with Valerie Woodhouse) - Farm Girl: A Memoir

4/29/21 S. A. Lelchuk (in conversation with Tom Zoellner) - One Got Away

4/13/21 William Arkin (in conversation with James Bandler) - The Generals Have No Clothes: The Untold Story of Our Endless Wars

4/4/6/21 Jeremy DeSilva (in conversation with Marcos Stafne) - First Steps: How Upright Walking Made Us Human / co-hosted by Montshire Museum

3/18/21 Reading Group Recommendations with Liza, Penny and Carin (link to the list of books discussed)

3/12/21 Nuala O'Connor (in conversation with Peter Money) - Nora: A Love Story of Nora and James Joyce

2/25/21 Virginia Barlow, Dave Mance, Patrick White - Vermont Almanac: Stories From and For the Land

2/18/21 Julie Carrick Dalton (in conversation with Robin MacArthur) - Waiting for the Night Song

2/11/21 John Morton - Celebrate Winter: An Olympian's Stories of a Life in Nordic Skiing

2/4/21 Charles Wheelan - We Came, We Saw, We Left: A Family Gap Year

1/28/21 Melanie Finn - The Hare

12/1/20 Bill Noble (in conversation with Penny McConnel) - Spirit of Place: The Making of a New England Garden

11/12/20 Pages in the (Virtual) Pub

11/5/20 Nicholas ChristakisApollo's Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live

10/29/20 Sienna Craig (in conversation with Charlotte Bacon) - The Ends of Kinship: Connecting Himalayan Lives Between Nepal and New York

10/21/20 Paul Madonna (in conversation with Peter Orner) - Come to Light

10/13/20 An Evening of Poetry with Phyllis Beck Katz and Jeff Friedman

10/6/20 Archer Mayor The Orphan's Guilt (in conversation with Sarah Stewart Taylor, The Mountains Wild)

9/29/20 Frank Thoms - Behind the Red Veil

9/16/20 An Evening of Poetry with Cleopatra Mathis and Susan Barba

9/9/20 Gretchen Cherington (in converstaion with Penny McConnel) - Poetic License

8/18/20 Margot Livesey (in conversaton with Susan Brison) - The Boy in the Field

8/13/20 David Macaulay - Mammoth Science

8/6/20 Stephen Kiernan - Universe of Two

7/21/20 L. Annette Binder - The Vanishing Sky

6/24/20 Sarah Stewart Taylor (in conversation with Julia Spencer-Fleming) - The Mountains Wild


Many of our author events are generously filmed by CATV, posted online, and aired regularly!

The videos are shown on CATV Channel 10 Thursdays at 9 am and 7 pm on as well as various times throughout the week.  [NOTE: The channels and times are changing, so stay tuned...]

For those seeking closed captioning, please refer to Vimeo's webpage about Amara software.

CATV videos are available on YouTube shortly after the event.
(Click on the blue link to view.)

a mayor reading2/22/20 Jeff Sharlet - This Brilliant Darkness: A Book of Strangers

12/11/19 Anne Fadiman - Clifton Fadiman's Wally the Wordworm

11/13/19 Sydney Lea - Here: Poems

10/30/19 Kristin Kimball - Good Husbandry: A Memoir

10/23/19 Helmuth Caspar von Moltke - Last Letters

10/16/19 Archer Mayor - Bomber's Moon

10/9/19 David Van Wie - Storied Waters

6/26/19 Abbi Maxwell - The Den

5/29/19 Laura Waterman - Starvation Shore

5/15/19 Henry Isaacs & Daniel Kany - Travel Notes: Paintings by Henry Isaacs

5/8/19 Bill McKibben - Falter

3/20/19 Diane Les Becquets - The Last Woman in the Forest

12/19/18 Madeleine Kunin - Coming of Age: My Journey to the Eighties

11/30/18 Ed Koren - Koren. In the Wild

10/17/18 Micah Perks - True Love and Other Dreams of Miraculous Escape

10/10/18 Joseph Olshan - Black Diamond Fall

6/20/2018 An Evening of Poetry: Mary Flanagan - Ghost Sentence; Sarah Dickenson Snyder - The Human Contract and Notes From a Nomad

6/12/18 Book Talk for Reading Groups with Ann Kingman (Random House) and Anne DeCourcey (Harper)

5/23/18 An Evening of Poetry & Essays: Phyllis Katz -Finding Ithaca; Baron Wormser - Tom O' Vietnam & Legends of the Slow Explosion: Eleven Modern Lives 

5/16/18 Melanie Finn - The Underneath

5/9/18 Alexander Chee - How to Write an Autobiographical Novel: Essays

4/11/18 Liniers - Macanudo: Olga Rules

4/6/18 Robin MacArthur - Heart Spring Mountain

3/28/18 Cullen Murphy - Cartoon County: My Father and His Friends in the Golden Age of Make-Believe

3/21/18 An Evening of Poetry: Michael Brosnon - The Sovereignty of the Accidental; John Paul O'Connor - Half the Truth

3/14/18 Joanne Serling - Good Neighbors

2/28/18 Annelise Orleck - "We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now": The Global Uprising Against Poverty Wages 

1/31/18 Jeffrey Lent tribute to Howard Frank Mosher -Points North: Stories

1/24/18 Karen Crouse - Norwich: One Tiny Vermont Town's Secret to Happiness and Excellence

12/15/17 Anne Fadiman - The Wine Lovers's Daughter

12/13/17 Bill McKibben - Radio Free Vermont

11/8/17 Finn Murphy - The Long Haul

10/25/17 Sy Montgomery and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas - Tamed and Untamed: Close Encounters of the Animal Kind 

Prior to mid-October 2017, events are posted on Vimeo.

10/11/17 Archer Mayor - Trace: A Joe Gunther Novel

10/4/17 An Evening of Poetry: Anne Shivas - Whit Grace and Ewa Chrusciel - Of Annunciations

and LOTS more!


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