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We are thankful...

Submitted by lizabernard on Mon, 11/19/2018 - 6:13am

We live in a beautiful region, surrounded by talented writers and artists who share their love of books by visiting often. 

We are grateful to you for supporting local businesses like ours. You dig out the tartan the day after Thanksgiving to mark Plaid Friday, a local alternative to Black Friday. You celebrate Small Business Saturday by coming by with family and friends. You stop by on Slow-Reading Sunday, the first of our special holiday hour openings. And you raise a glass with us on Cider Monday to show your understanding of and commitment to sustainable communities.

We are humbled by the generous support for the Book Angels who deliver books to local children through several non-profit support agencies.

Most of all we have fun! We truly enjoy finding the perfect book for you to enjoy or to give as a gift to the pickiest or most discerning on your list. And we love meeting your extended families when they visit for the holidays.

We are very thankful!

~ Liza, Penny, Kathryn, Beth, Susan, Carin, Sara, Jennifer & Brenna